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WHITE LABS 7.4S is an ultra-small-sized design and is suitable for one person.  WHITE LABS’s whitening technology uses a powerful blue light and a low-irritating whitening agent.
The benefits of WHITE LABS 7.4S include.

Designed to be used by one person

Compatible with all portable batteries using USB port.

WHITE LABS is a dental whitening device for both medical and home use.
White Labs is currently used in general stores as well as dental clinics.

It is a medical device and double safety device is in place to prevent electrical hazards.

Ultra-small-sized medical devices compared to competition – 69 x 22 x 22(mm) 13g

Since the lithium battery is not built in, it is easy to ship/go through customs.


How to Use WHITE LABS 7.4S.
See the following Picture to use our product more effectively.

how to




Frequently Asked Questions

Among the celebrities, there are those who have white teeth originally, whitened with whitening treatment and whitened by Porcelain Laminate Veneer.
WHITE LABS is confident that you can get white teeth like celebrities through steady use, but Porcelain Laminate Veneer may have individual differences due to the different tooth colors of each person.

Teeth whitening is considered appropriate for 1 or 2 year cycle.
Of course, if you take a good care of your teeth, including brushing teeth, it may be considerably longer but, if not, it may be shorter.

You can use 2 times at any time of the day.
And since it is better to refrain eating food for 2 hours after whitening, we recommend using 2 consecutive times before going to sleep.

You can use 2 times at any time of the day.
This product is designed to be used lying down.

WHITE LABS is a product that has been confirmed as a “no sensitivity” by a university hospital clinical trial, so you may not worry about it.
However, if you have weak gums, wounded or sensitive gums, you may feel minor tooth smarts. However, that level is very weak and can be relieved because it is a temporary symptom that does not hurt your teeth and gums.

The mouthpiece is a biologically tested safe product.
It can be used for a long time if it is carefully cleaned after use and managed well. (You can boil your mouthpiece or disinfect it with ultraviolet ray).

The duration of the whitening effect depends on the user’s tooth condition and lifestyle.

Basically, WHITE LABS7.4C is for 2 or more users and WHITE LABS7.4S is for 1 user. And it is economically designed to be used by several peoples just by purchasing several whitening agents and mouthpieces separately. The whitening agent and mouthpiece can be purchased separately from the supplier (shop).

It is “Visible light”, so you can rest assured. In order to get the medical device license, we have to go through a “photobiological safety test”, and WHITE LABS has received the safest grade “exempt grade” (in Korea).
The exempt grade is a rating that proves the light ray is not harmful to human body when used continuously for 100,000 seconds (about 2.8 hours). The light is fully safe.

10. In case of WHITE LABS7.4C, it takes about 1 hour charging time and, when the blue light blinking stop, it is fully charged.
WHITE LABS is a safe product with no clinical findings of tooth smarts.
Please note, however, that slight irregularities may occur in people with very bad gums and teeth.

It is not harmful to human body but not so recommendable to eat

Use after childbirth, but if you are planning to breastfeed, be sure to use after breastfeeding. For the health of mother and baby, please follow this.

This product is prohibited from using for those who are under 18 years of age.

WHITE LABS is a product that has been found to have an average whitening effect of 7.4 levels in clinical trials of a university hospital.(Maximum 12 steps, minimum 4 steps)
We inform you that we cannot assure all users will have the same effect because condition of teeth structure and lifestyle of each people are different more or less.

The shelf life of the whitening agent is 2 years, and the whitening agent has no expiration date.
WHITE LABS Device, a medical device, can be used semi-permanently if you manage well.

Apply whitening agent slightly to the surface of the teeth using the brush included in the agent.

It is true that whitening agent itself has some whitening effect, but satisfactory whitening effect can be achieved only when used together with the whitening device of WHITE LABS.

Please don’t use WHITE LABS with unauthorized whitening agent.
Because the medical device WHITE LABS is designed to generate best effect when using with WHITE LABS agent.
WHITE LABS is special not only a medical device, but also a whitening agent.

Can be purchased separately. Please contact the supplier (shop).




Item Dental whitening device for medical and home use.
Model WLB-100W
HS Code HS : 9018.49.8000
Effectiveness Teeth whitening
Waver Length (Output) 455nm (32mW/cm²)
Packing Size / Weight 205x116x85(mm) / 260g
1 Cycle Time 8 minutes
Warranty 1 year
Country of Origin Korea (charger & Battery : china)


Item Mouth Piece
Model WLA-10MB /WLA-10MW
Packing Size / Weight 80x50x53(mm) / 27g
Colors Blue or White
Material Silicone (Latex free)
Country of Origin Korea


Item Teeth whitening agents
Model WLA-11G
Components 1 x Agent (20g) , 1 x Brush
HS Code HS : 3306.90.2000
Effectiveness Teeth whitening
Packing Size / Weight 180x120x32(mm) / 30g
Expiration Date 2 years
Hydrogen Peroxide 35% solution (2.8%)
Country of Origin Korea